"History of Plain City" Printing

First Printing

The first printing of the "History of Plain City" was completed for the 17th of March 1977. Lyman H. Cook and Dorothy T. Cook were asked to Edit the book by Robert P. Stewart, Principal of Plain City Elementary School after several women had been gathering information for years. Special thanks to Roxy R. Heslop, Ruth K. Fowers, and Clara C. Olsen. Lyman and Dorothy spent five months collecting pictures and stories from Plain City residents to complete the History. Many persons helped in the typing, collating and binding of the book.

Dorothy and "Lyman, post humorously," were awarded the "2002 Mayor's Award in the Humanities... for their preservation of Plain City's history in an outstanding book of stories, pictures, and historical background, a contribution for which the community 'will be forever grateful' ", on October 3, 2002. Dorothy stated at the award ceremony, "We did not do this alone, many person's helped and contributed to make it possible."

The first and second printing were done through the Weber County School District's Community School program. The third and fourth printing were financed by the Plain City Town Board. Any profit from the book goes to the Town for the Senior Citizen's Program.

  1. First printing, 1300 books, March 1977
  2. Second printing, 250 books, August 1977
  3. Third printing, 400 books, April 1996
  4. Fourth printing, 300 books, December 2002


"This history was compiled and printed for the purpose of supplying some facts, stories, and histories of the town of Plain City. That you as an individual may take a little more pride and stand a little taller in the support you give our town. It is a tribute to the men and women who had the foresight, vision, courage, and strength to endure the hardships that were necessary to make Plain City a nice place to live.

They were a choice breed of people selected to perform great and noble deeds. Their character was unselfish and pure. Their word was their bond. Their ambition unmatched, and their courage unequaled. Their convictions were true and they were a happy people.

We encourage you to read the entire book for we think you will find it enlightening and interesting. We know that this is not a complete history of Plain City, but we used most all of the material that was turned in. We realize that there are duplications, grammatical errors, dates that conflict, and others, but please don’t pick away at the format so much that you miss the important message. If any are dissatisfied, we issue a simple challenge; collect and write your own history.

It is not the intent of any of the articles to show malice or unkindness to anyone. But, rather we encourage any and all to look upon it as a tribute to an already good name.
We should extend a special thanks to the Plain City Community School, and especially to Robert P. Stewart, Principal. Bob thinks and acts like a native of Plain City, and his helpful knowledge in putting the book together is appreciated. Elis help and cooperation in getting the book to press were invaluable.

Ruth Powers, whose ideas and work have helped to make the book all possible. Her concern for the total book, and her work in collecting material is most appreciated.

Clara Olsen and Roxey Heslop have collected and written articles and helped to put the book together. Their work is appreciated.

My good wife, Dorothy, whose background and training in editing has been most helpful. For the ever long hours we have worked together has been enjoyable. As we go to press, the hours worked seem short, the rewards great, and the satisfaction elevating to say the least. The most rewarding experiences have been with the people who welcomed us into their homes and supplied us with pictures and material. We are most appreciative.

To the typists who have given of their time unselfishly to meet the scheduled deadline. They are: Linda Folkman, Connie Bitton, CherrilI Knight, Helen Folkman, Lorraine Skeen, Patrice Moyes Killabrew, Lorene Gingham, Hazel Searcy, Annette Searcy, and Jolene Searcy. Kristine Ewert for the printing. Ladd Chase for the photography of today.

And, to any others who have helped in any way with the book, we appreciate them."

Lyman Cook
Dorothy Cook

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