Town Park


Submitted by Florene Parke

In December, 1975, Mayor Lee Olsen and the Plain City Town Council consisting of William VanHoulten, Wayne Cattle, Darwin Taylor and David Thomas, passed a resolution to purchase 20 acres of land. This land was to be used as a recreational complex and also house the town hall and other municipal buildings.

On December 30, 1975, the City of Plain City purchased 20 acres of land from Bernard and Nora Poulsen. The land is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of 2200 North and 4100 West Streets.
The longterm plans for the park include three regulation ball diamonds, (two softball diamonds, and a little league ball diamond); an equestrian arena and open space exercise area to be used for football and other activities requiring large open space. A site identified for future development of municipal structures may include a swimming pool, restrooms and parking areas.

Purchasing and developing the land is an expensive process. It is the intention of the City Council to program the work in six one year phases. Development of the equestrian arena was part of the first year’s phase.

The area housed an arena known as Paul Knight’s Arena. It has been used in the past for several Junior Posse competitions, calf roping meets and various horse related events. The arena needed fencing and landfill and water installation.

In December, 1976, the Plain City Lions Club, in cooperation with the parents of Junior Posse members, had the area surveyed and hauled 103 loads of sand necessary for a proper working arena. Approximately 30 volunteers donated their time and equipment for two days to complete this part of the work.

Heavy gouge chain link fencing has been purchased with money from the town and from money raised by Junior Posse members through various fund raising projects. The fence will be installed as soon as the weather conditions permit.

Plain City’s Junior Posses, four h groups, and the many other residents interested in equestrian sports will have a safe place for their activities, and the town will have an arena to be proud of.