Plain City owns and operates a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System – a system of stormwater conveyances including roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, man-made channels, or storm drains.  The operation and maintenance of this system is regulated under the Federal Clean Water Act and is designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent practicable (MEP) to protect water quality consistent with the appropriate water quality requirements of  State law and attendant regulations.

The Public Works Department has structured a Stormwater Plan to include these control measures:

  1. Public education and outreach on stormwater impacts;
  2. Public involvement & participation;
  3. Illicit discharge detection and elimination;
  4. Construction site stormwater runoff control for regulated land disturbing activities;
  5. Post-construction stormwater management on new and re-development projects; and
  6. Pollution prevention/good housekeeping for municipal operations.